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How Much Value Does a Kitchen Remodel Add to Your Home?

Are you considering selling your home and looking for an easy way to increase its resale value? Maybe you just want to maintain the property’s value by staying up to date with a few small renovations. Whatever you have in mind for the heart of your Atlanta home, upgrades offer better functionality and returns, but how much value does a kitchen remodel add in the end?

Sure, there’s a general average return on investment with a gorgeous new kitchen to offer homebuyers and everyone else. However, this often depends on the extent of your remodeling project.

Southern Oak Home Renovation, a top home remodeling company in Atlanta, Georgia, has over ten years of experience in this type of thing. Here are a few insider tips from the team about what truly raises your home’s potential value and by how much.

Why Focus on Your Kitchen in the First Place?

Aside from your home’s bathrooms, a kitchen has more fittings and features than any other room in your home. That means more electrical appliances and plumbing fixtures, from stoves and refrigerators to sinks and countertops. More items also means that things go awry as their lifespans end, with most needing attention about every ten years.

Your bedroom or living room may just need a new coat of paint to brighten up the mood, but your kitchen walls? They’ll need that paint job alongside a backsplash installation and, most likely, some new hanging cabinets. High heat and humidity warp wood cabinets, splatters stain wallpaper, and knife cuts scar countertops, and repairs won’t usually suffice.

Notably, kitchen renovation and property value are not the only two factors that go hand in hand. According to Houzz, even among kitchens in top condition, about 43% of property owners wanted a remodel just for a fresher aesthetic, and after the renovation: 

  • 41% spent more time cooking than ordering takeout
  • 33% cited a healthier lifestyle
  • 50% connected with family more in the kitchen

What Is a Minor Kitchen Remodel Return On Investment? 

If you’re increasing home value with kitchen renovations on a minor scale, you’re probably replacing a few fixtures and leaving the majority of the room intact. It could be swapping your current sink out or adding new cabinet doors and drawers. According to Remodeling Magazine, these tasks, alongside updating countertops and flooring, only cost around $21,000 compared to larger projects that might leave you hundreds of thousands poorer.

Better yet, because you’re spending less to get that new kitchen feeling, you’ll reap a higher kitchen remodel return on investment than if you redid your kitchen from top to bottom. So, how much value does a kitchen remodel add if it’s a midrange minor one? By some estimates, it’s up to 86% ROI!

What’s the Kitchen Remodel ROI for Larger Projects?

Major kitchen renovations enhance style and functionality on a larger scale and usually include tearing out most or all of what you already have. For instance, unlike minor renovations where you replace the face of your cabinets and drawers, major remodels usually remove shelves and replace them with semi-custom cabinets modified by a high-end manufacturer.

You can also factor in new countertops and a small island alongside new stovetop ranges, refrigerators, sinks, and other minor appliances. However, adding new features to a drab room easily causes the former to lose its luster. For better aesthetics, consider repainting or repapering your walls, adding custom lighting, and reflooring as part of the overhaul.

Of course, a major kitchen remodel varies slightly from an upscale renovation, which focuses on incorporating features that are more high-end for luxury’s sake. If this is your motivation, your new design might comprise 100% custom cabinetry with sliding shelves and a glass tile backsplash overlooking a gorgeous stone countertop. You may also include task lighting over sinks, islands, and under cabinets, as well as:

  • Smart appliances
  • Heated floors
  • Water filtration system

If your midrange major remodel is $65,000 to $80,000, these upscale major remodel projects would be almost double that. The return on investment for kitchen renovation projects, whether midrange or luxury, would be about 42% and 32%, respectively, But how do you know if the value of kitchen remodeling is worth that?

Do You Always Need a Renovation To Boost Property Value?

You may feel that you don’t need to replace your plumbing system or HVAC units, especially if they’re nowhere near their end and still appear to be in optimal condition. So, if kitchen renovations prove unnecessary, how much value does a kitchen remodel add really?

Let’s say you installed a new cabinet system five years ago, but the door paint has faded, and the knobs, hinges, and other attaching fixtures loosened with constant use. Since cabinets have a 20-year lifespan, you might opt for a simple repaint or restain job or replace the doors rather than the entire shelving system. You could save thousands that way while getting the same appeal as brand-new cabinetry.

If you’d like to weigh the investment potential of that move, why not reach out to a real estate expert before starting your project? They know what potential buyers want in a home and what drives up your property value the most. These professionals might even help you uncover an outdated kitchen feature and determine how much you could spend to bring everything up to date without losing money.

For instance, you might hope for a minor renovation of $20,000 but discover that your estate agent believes you’ll only recoup $10,000 to $15,000 after the sale. In that case, you’ll be wise to reassess things in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere. Many agents will happily scroll through your list of ideas and choose the renovation tasks that are smarter and will make the value of kitchen remodeling more worthwhile for you.

What Are Some Renovations You Should Consider for Your Atlanta Kitchen?

How much value does a kitchen remodel add? Now that you understand more about the impact of kitchen remodel on home appraisal, consider the following renovation options:

Upgrading to Energy Efficient Appliances

If you have refrigerators, HVAC equipment, or other appliances that are decades old, the chances are they’re not as energy efficient as modern-day systems. Newer models pull less electricity from your utility grid. They also let you opt for smart systems, energy-saving modes, and even AI-powered temperature control. 

Won’t your potential homebuyers place a higher bid when they see this technology installed? They will if it means savings on bills in the long run.

Incorporating Accessibility Features To Interest a Wider Audience 

You may not place too much thought into additional accessibility in your home if you don’t have family members of an advanced age or with certain disabilities. However, those purchasing your home might prioritize it and look for minor features that prove more convenient or accessible, such as:

  • Cabinet and drawer handles instead of knobs for an easier grasp
  • Open space under sinks, islands, and workspaces for more legroom or a wheelchair
  • Pull-out shelves
  • Lowered cabinetry systems that reduce the need for reaching 

Our Atlanta Kitchen Remodelers Are Customer-Centric So That You Can Be Buyer-Ready!

From putting your house on the market to passing inspections and walk-throughs, you want your home to look phenomenal. That’s why you need a team that can transform the heart of your home while setting a clear kitchen remodel timeline. 

At Southern Oak Home Renovation, our customer-centric team has been offering expert craftsmanship since 2001. How much value does a kitchen remodel add? Find out when you call 404-806-4712 for a free estimate!

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