replacing a bathtub with a shower

10 Considerations When Replacing a Bathtub with a Shower

As you plan your bathroom remodel, you might look online for inspiration. You may encounter one recurring theme throughout your search: replacing a bathtub with a shower. The photos on Pinterest and interior design or architectural blogs promise a transformative bathroom experience.

You’ll see images of wide open spaces, shiny glass enclosures, and elegant tiles covering the floors and walls. Can you replicate this pristine vision in your home? Or are these goals a little lofty, considering your real-life needs? 

Our team at Southern Oak Home Renovations excels at expert home renovations in Atlanta, GA. We listed ten considerations you should weigh before you commit to a walk-in shower installation. 

The Advantages of Removing Your Bathtub in Exchange for a Shower

So, you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a wide-open shower. Sunlight spills through a thoughtfully placed window. Humidity-loving plants thrive with little assistance. 

The shower heads flawlessly mimic rainfall. You have successfully designed an indoor rainforest. Let’s further indulge in this image of paradise by examining the other benefits of a roomy, walk-in shower listed below. 

#1 Impeccable Modern Design

A bathtub tucked away in a discrete corner feels restrictive. A bulky yet indulgent tub seems a little outdated. Replacing the existing tub with a luxuriously accommodating walk-in shower hits the right note of modernity and customization. 

Bathrooms with generous showers rather than tubs that limit space appear more spacious and minimalist. You can customize the space with features like:

  • A waterproof bench
  • Recessed or floating shelves for product storage
  • Hangers for easy access to towels, fresh clothes, and other linens

A bathtub limits your ability to add those items, making your daily hygiene routine a hassle. 

#2 More Room to Move Around

One of the primary draws a walk-in shower offers is space. A bathtub can cramp your style, especially if you own one of the basic models from big-box catalogs. You can’t fully stretch your legs or submerge yourself in the water.  

You can do so much with that additional square footage. Knocking over body washes becomes a thing of the past. You don’t have to wrestle with the tub’s confines to stand up or sit down. 

The spaciousness of a walk-in shower perfectly leads to the next perk. These modern fixtures are perfect for evolving your lifestyle as you age. 

#3 Planning a Sustainable Lifestyle for Aging

Getting in and out of a bathtub can be scary, especially for the elderly. Grab bars can help you maintain your steadiness, but only go so far. They can become unstable over time, suddenly giving way when you least expect it. 

Falls can be injurious or even lethal events for senior adults. Add several inches of water to the situation, and your bathtub’s limited mobility could become a household hazard. Conversely, walk-in showers provide a safer environment to practice your hygiene routine. 

You can walk in and out of the shower pan without worry. Plus, you can use a large bath mat for additional security while you shower. If you do fall, you won’t struggle with a pool of water surrounding your body. 

#4 Enhanced Water Efficiency

You need gallons of water to fill a bathtub. Even conservative water usage might not equate to the savings a shower provides. When you take a five-minute shower, you can save up to three times the water you’d use in a bathtub. 

This advantage helps you save on water bills and protect valuable resources. Replacing a bathtub with a shower might be the move if you prioritize sustainability in your lifestyle and habits. 

#5 A Relaxing, Sauna-Like Atmosphere

Many homeowners aim to duplicate the soothing environment found in saunas and spas. This trend emphasizes:

  • Maximal space: Almost everyone can benefit from more square footage. It means fewer spills or early-morning catastrophes since you have more room to move freely.  
  • Neutral colors: Striking black, creamy beiges, rich brown, and sparkling greens can bring out the highlights of an impeccable design. 
  • Natural elements: Wood, metal, stone, and plants are trendy yet timeless. For a relaxing environment, add a discreet window to your shower space and hang a few moisture-loving houseplants. 
  • Simple, accessible storage: Cabinetry is among the most reliable storage methods for bathrooms. However, you can also incorporate more subtle or decorative storage techniques, like recessed shelving, under-sink towel and laundry access, and ornamental trolleys to hold your items. 

Potential Pitfalls of Replacing a Bathtub with a Shower

The above benefits might seem ideal at first. However, you might encounter the following problems once you commit to this change. 

#1 No More Soaking!

If you only have one bathtub in your home, you won’t be able to enjoy a long soak in a bubble bath after a hard day at work. Sure, you can sit on your shower bench beneath the flowing stream. However, this experience doesn’t quite measure up to submerging yourself in hot water with a few lit candles.  

#2 Difficulty Bathing Children and Pets

If you have or plan to have children or pets, you might want to keep your bathtub a little longer. This includes senior adults who may have grandchildren someday. You can more easily bathe small children and animals in a bathtub than in a shower. 

Toddlers like to move around when possible. Cats, dogs, and other pets don’t typically view cleaning time as ideal or fun. Therefore, both parties might dart around, knock things over, or try to escape. A bathtub keeps them confined and under your control. 

#3 Potentially Lower Resale Value

If you live in an area that attracts growing families or young couples, you might struggle to sell your home should you ever move. At the very least, removing the tub might decrease the property’s resale value. Consider the local housing market and population before you make such significant changes. 

#4 Space Constraints

Sometimes, the bathroom simply can’t accommodate a large shower. Sure, you might successfully transform the space into a shower-only bathroom. However, you may compromise on your wants vs. your reality. 

Think about what you want from the shower installation. Does your vision realistically fit into your current bathroom space?

#5 High Remodeling Costs

Homeowners have numerous reasons to pursue bathroom remodeling in the U.S. One of the main reasons is a desperate need for change. However, many functional and aesthetic changes come with expensive costs.

Often, trading a bathtub for a shower is among those costly remodels. Dive deep into your budgetary constraints to ensure you can afford the change.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Following Through

If you think the perks outweigh the pitfalls, you’re well on your way to the perfect luxury shower. Think about the following questions and take your answers to a reputable remodeling service, like Southern Oak Home Renovation:

  1. Why am I pursuing this renovation? Don’t renovate any room just to follow a trend as you might struggle with remorse later. Make sure your reasons for a dramatic renovation will last years. 
  2. Will the local building code support my decision? You won’t get far if you don’t follow municipal building regulations. Your remodeling contractor can ensure each change is up to code. 
  3. Are there other ways I can improve my bathroom space? Sometimes, you just need a few small changes. For example, improving your bathroom storage and organization might satisfy your desires.

Southern Oak Home Renovation Can Help You Make the Switch

Discuss replacing a bathtub with a shower with Southern Oak Home Renovation. We’ll outline the costs of installing a walk-in shower and develop the perfect design for your needs. Call 404-806-4712 for an estimate in Atlanta, GA.

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