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Why do our prices differ from everyone else’s?

Why do our prices differ from everyone else’s? Why do we cost more than most? Well that’s easy! Our quality of work. And in order to give you that quality of work we need quality employees. In order to keep those quality employees we need to pay them right. Quality work also comes with quality materials which tend to cost more. We are always going to try to save you money if we can but, if going the cheaper route affects the quality of the work we just won’t do it. We like going home at night and being able to sleep easy knowing we are proud of our work. So again why do we cost more than some? Same reason a Toyota costs more than a Ford. They are both going to look good when they first drive off the lot but, 5-10 years from now only one is going to still be driving like it did that first day, only one is going to hold its value. We are a measure twice cut once kind of company. The only reason you guys will be calling Southern Oak
back is for us to do another project on your house. There is a reason the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.

Eric French

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