Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta: Quality and Style

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A study by OnePoll found most Americans spend up to 400 hours a year in their kitchen. If you plan to spend that much time in a single space, you might as well have it suit your needs and desires. As such, many homeowners find they need to do some kitchen remodeling to refresh their home’s appearance.

What are you looking for in an expert kitchen renovation? Kitchen makeover specialists at Southern Oak Home Renovation, Inc. have a few ideas for what to pay attention to as you work with a specialist.

Kitchen Design Tips: All About Space

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Your kitchen’s layout can determine how easy it is for you to move and function within said space. Professional kitchen remodelers keep several tried-and-true layouts in mind to give you the most comfortable space possible. They should be able to adapt the design to suit your home, whether you want a modern or more traditional feel to it:

Open Layout

Open-concept kitchens join the cooking space with another room, usually a dining or living room. You typically see them with an island countertop and cabinets lining the walls behind. However, designers can also form galley (parallel wall) or peninsula (G-shaped) kitchens into open concepts. 

Some homeowners don’t like open-concept kitchens because of the noise pollution from other rooms. You also need to keep an open kitchen clean more consistently than closed-room designs since anyone visiting can see what the space looks like.

Even so, an open layout often makes spaces feel larger. You may also find natural light flows more easily from one room to another. Open-concept kitchens work great in smaller homes where you want them to feel a tad bigger on the inside.

Closed Layout

Many older homes have a closed-layout kitchen, in which the cooking space stays within four walls, much like many bedrooms. This layout has become less common due to lighting and societal communication differences. You don’t have the luxury of looking up and seeing another room or speaking with others nearby.

However, a closed kitchen works better in homes where the cook wants fewer disturbances from family, friends, or visitors. You can also take more time cleaning a closed kitchen since no one but whoever enters the room can see the space. The four walls also mean you have more easy-to-install storage opportunities.

Kitchen Design Tips: Where To Put Appliances

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If you talk in-depth with a kitchen remodeling contractor about appliance placement, you may hear them refer to the work triangle. The work triangle refers to where you put the sink, refrigerator, and stovetop for optimal productivity and performance. Over the years, designers discovered that placing these appliances in a triangular position from each other creates the best ease of movement in the kitchen.

Whether you use open or closed layouts, you’ll benefit from having the kitchen work triangle in your space. In fact, you may want kitchen remodeling because your space doesn’t have this triangle, and you feel unconscious discomfort. 

To check, stand at your sink and see if you can construct a triangle when connecting the lines to your refrigerator and stovetop. Even if you can form the triangle, the area within it may be too small or large for your preferences.

A professional kitchen remodel should always keep nuances like this in mind, which you may miss if attempting DIY or inexperienced remodeling. The work triangle stands out as only one of many notes experts use when they remodel a kitchen space. Consult a kitchen renovation expert for assistance when considering your options.

Kitchen Design Tips: Counters, Cabinets, and Splashes

When you upgrade your kitchen design, you can also upgrade its overall appearance, like:

  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Materials
  • Storage space

For example, some modern kitchen designs replace the panel of some cabinet doors with frosted or mottled glass. The glass bounces light around the room for a brighter appearance, and the colors of your dishes can contribute to the space.

You can also change your cabinet, counter, and backsplash materials to suit your tastes. For stylistic kitchens, consider a tile backsplash with many vibrant colors, one of which you could use for tile flooring as well. If you prefer a more nature-based look, stone backsplashes with a granite countertop could produce your desired visuals.

Also, you may not need to completely replace present kitchen materials. Instead of getting new cabinets, you could have a kitchen remodeling contractor from our team replace the doors and add a fresh coat of paint. Your flooring may also need additional cleaning to help it suit any new colors you add to the kitchen.

Atlanta Kitchens Look Better With Our Care

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Expert, high-quality designers and contractors work together to give your kitchen the TLC it deserves based on your preferences. At Southern Oak Home Renovation, Inc., we combine our kitchen renovation services with your input to make your house a home you’re happy to live in. 

Whether the colors no longer suit your taste or you don’t have enough storage, reach out to us to remodel your kitchen space. Call 404-806-4712 or visit our contact page to start designing your dream kitchen today!

Kitchen Renovation FAQs

Kitchen renovation costs vary depending on several factors, including the kitchen size and extent of the remodel. Always ask for a quote on potential kitchen designs to get a price on your specifications.

Yes, there is a difference between a kitchen remodel vs a renovation. Kitchen remodeling may entail adding or removing walls, moving plumbing connections, and more construction-related work. Renovations replace or refurbish already present materials with few to no structural additions.

A kitchen renovation or remodel may take several weeks, depending on the extent of the changes you want. We advise against only approving speedy work since working too quickly could mean the designers and contractors miss pertinent details for your kitchen performance. Instead, ask your kitchen remodeling company about the timetable when you receive a quote.





All of our home renovation services come with our 1 year warranty on labor and materials.

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