how long does a kitchen remodel take

How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take in Atlanta?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you want it to be attractive, welcoming, and functional. Sometimes renovations are necessary to improve the space, but how long does a kitchen remodel take? 

Southern Oak Renovations offers some of the best home remodeling services in Atlanta, Georgia. Below, our professionals discuss the general kitchen remodel timeline and the factors that can change it.

Average Duration of Kitchen Renovations

If you simply want a new wall color for your kitchen, you won’t need to start a major project with many moving parts. On the other hand, complete kitchen renovations with new appliances, flooring, countertops, cabinets, layouts, and other kitchen features take time. This room has many parts that must work together to make the kitchen functional and safe not to mention visually pleasing.

The length of kitchen remodels depends on many factors, including your kitchen’s size, the project’s complexity, and your choice of contractor. The kitchen renovation duration can range from four weeks to five months. Still, some projects can take longer than that to complete. 

Kitchen Remodeling Timelines by Type

How long does a kitchen remodel take on average? Though many factors contribute to the timeline, the project’s duration typically depends on the kind of renovations you want.

For example, cosmetic remodeling such as swapping hardware, repainting cabinets, and other minor changes usually takes one to two weeks. The average kitchen renovation timeline with new installations, appliances, and layout reconfigurations is about four to eight weeks. A complete overhaul of your kitchen would likely take 12 weeks or more of work since it involves demolishing the entire room to make structural changes.

Factors Contributing to How Long Kitchen Remodeling Takes

Despite knowing the average timelines, your kitchen remodel could be longer or shorter depending on the following factors:

  • Material Availability: Depending on the types of materials and products you need for your kitchen upgrade, you might have to wait days, weeks, or months to get them. Custom and made-to-order products take longer to get than ready-made items. 
  • Building Permits: While you won’t need a permit for minor kitchen modifications like cabinet installation, you will need them for structural changes. That includes alterations to the room’s plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Obtaining permits and waiting for inspections takes time.
  • Countertop Installation: Countertop materials like marble, granite, and concrete require a lot of time and labor to perfectly execute their installation. 
  • Unforeseen Challenges: Though designers, architects, and general contractors do their best to carefully plan every kitchen remodel, sometimes unexpected problems can delay progress. 

How to Shorten the Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Carefully planning everything will ensure that your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t take longer than it should. Sometimes the planning stage in the renovation process alone can take a couple of weeks to a month before work can begin. 

Planning is essential for any remodeling project, but it’s an intricate, multistep process when it comes to extensive kitchen alterations. Designers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals must coordinate carefully to bring your vision for your perfect kitchen to life. If your renovation team doesn’t plan or communicate well, delays will undoubtedly occur. 

When planning and designing your kitchen remodel, consider what aspects of the room you want to change and keep. Explore different materials and products for your appliances, storage solutions, and surfaces. Ensure everything you decide on fits within your budget.

Don’t forget to make a contingency plan to cover unexpected challenges including:

  • On-Site Damages: Unfortunately, accidents can happen during kitchen remodels that lead to damaged materials. For instance, fragile materials like porcelain tile could crack in transit, resulting in the need for replacement materials. 
  • Out-of-Date Systems: It’s common for older homes with outdated plumbing or electrical wiring to need system replacements before general contractors can proceed with cabinet, countertop, appliance, or plumbing fixture installations.
  • Incorrect Installations: Installations can go wrong if the renovation crew lacks experience, is unprofessional, or doesn’t plan the project accordingly.

Start Your Kitchen Remodeling Project on the Right Foot with Our Professional Expertise

Answering questions like “How long does a kitchen remodel take?” can be difficult for many reasons. You must consider everything from getting a kitchen remodel permit to deciding if you want a new room layout. The good news is that our Southern Oak Renovations crew in Atlanta, Georgia is ready to help. 

Using our 35 combined years of remodeling experience, we can provide outstanding remodeling services including kitchen renovations. We’ll manage each project from start to finish, ensuring we meet our estimated timeframe for kitchen renovations. Call (404) 806-4712 today for your estimate.

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