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5 Tips When Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Your family relies on the kitchen for sustenance and as a cozy gathering place to converse and enjoy each other’s company. Shouldn’t its design and ambiance reflect those purposes? Choosing kitchen cabinet paint colors that enhance the warmth and individuality of your household can transform your cooking and conversing experiences. 

As a reputable kitchen remodeler in Atlanta, GA, Southern Oak Home Renovation specializes in helping Georgia homeowners perfect their kitchens. We offer some expert tips below to help you pick the best cabinet color.  

1. Consider Your Finish Preference

Before you paint your kitchen cabinets, consider how the product’s color and finish will mesh with other surfaces in the area. For a cohesive and visually appealing kitchen design, it’s essential to choose the best kitchen floor that complements the appearance of countertops, appliances, floor tiles, and backsplash. You need a formula that enhances these surfaces rather than clashes with them.

Choose a finish that contrasts with these elements for a balanced appeal. A glossy countertop will pair beautifully with a semi-gloss for added texture. Meanwhile, white paint balances dark backsplash and floor tiles. Too much of one texture or color makes a space look monotonous and overwhelming. 

2. Take Lighting Design Into Account

Lighting designs vary as much as kitchen cabinet paint colors. Assess the amount of light your kitchen offers before you settle on a color. Which light sources does your kitchen feature?

  • Large windows: Nothing beats a large window in a kitchen. It allows ample natural light into the space. Creamy shades and whites, coupled with neutral browns or earthy reds, can amplify the natural vibe while making the space feel cozy. 
  • Small windows: A small window offers a charming, decorative feature. While it allows some light inside, it likely doesn’t illuminate the entire kitchen. Using a lighter color, especially on upper cabinets, can reflect and amplify this light. 
  • Overhead lights: While overhead lights ensure visibility, they can also create a harsh ambiance. Muted pastel shades, like baby blue, dusty rose, or mellow mint, can soften the atmosphere. 
  • Decorative light fixtures: Ornate fixtures like chandeliers demand visibility. The paint color should contrast the fixture’s tones. For example, a bluish-gray or sage green beautifully offsets a silver fixture with crystal embellishments. 
  • Accent and ambient lighting: If you want to highlight functional or accent lights, combine brighter, more vibrant colors with natural light when possible. Explore greens, yellows, and other tones that make the fixtures pop. 

3. Explore Various Hardware Options

No matter how many coats of paint you apply, the look isn’t complete without the perfect cabinet hardware or organizing kitchen cabinet contents. These tasks add subtle details that can either blend in or make a unique statement. It all depends on how you want the hardware to perform.

Some timeless hardware and stylish organizational features favorites include:

  • Faux crystal: If you want crystal knobs to stand out, choose gray or brown cabinet paint that barely pushes past neutral. These colors allow the knobs to shine without overtaking the kitchen. 
  • Sleek, shiny silver: Silver knobs and handles have a chic, utilitarian appearance that blends with most aesthetics. However, they gleam against darker, bolder colors. 
  • Polished black: Black hardware looks striking against white, light gray, or pastel cabinets. 
  • Distressed brass and bronze: Distressed metals add a more subtle touch than other options. They blend perfectly in a rustic kitchen design. 

4. Peruse Cabinet Designs Online

Are you struggling to visualize how various kitchen cabinet colors will look with diverse elements? Seek inspiration online.

Use your search engine to discover how color variations, textures, and light designs work together or clash. Pinterest offers a fantastic resource to find and save inspirational images and tips. Then, you can share your findings with your Atlanta kitchen remodeler.

5. Think About How Color Affects the Atmosphere

Your color palette will heavily influence the overall vibe. Your paint choices should:

  • Strike a visual balance with your lighting design.
  • Elevate the hardware for added texture and depth.
  • Contrast harmoniously with unchangeable elements, like tiles and countertops.

Most importantly, it should invite you, your family members, and guests to stay for a while. The kitchen should encourage your appetite, lull you into a productive state of mind when cooking, and set the backdrop for countless memorable moments.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to incorporate all these elements, you request assistance from talented kitchen remodelers near you. They’ll help you choose the best cabinet color.  

Need Help Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors? Contact Southern Oak Home Renovation 

Southern Oak Home Renovation helps Atlanta homeowners rethink their kitchens with selecting the right custom kitchen cabinets and paint colors that reflect their family and other pertinent design elements. We can also assist in choosing the right kitchen color, especially one that goes well with oak cabinets. Contact us at 404-919-0247 for a free service estimate.

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